October 3, 2016

Why Use Drones? We've Got 5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should

Why use drones? Don't worry here at LA Media we have a million reasons why using drones is a good thing. In this blog, we share with you our top five reasons to use drones in media. Well to put it simply they allow you to get a whole new perspective. Not to be too Aladdin here but it's a whole new world in terms of media thanks to drones. Drones really are everywhere - in almost all high-quality commercials, films, and videos you see there will be some element of aerial cinematography involved.

As technology advances and drones get smaller and more powerful, media production is no longer reliant on helicopters to get that unique bird’s eye view. Even if you don't think you need a drone for your next production we have five compelling reasons why you might want to reconsider your position and use drones. There are so many reasons to use drones, keep reading and discover how adding a drone to your next production will help you to improve your visual assets.

1. Sky's the 'Creative' Limit

The first - most obvious reason - you should use a drone is to add a unique perspective to your production. With orbital views and a limitless reach, a drone can do what no land-based camera can. No need for a crane or spiderman-like camera operator. Technology has made such leaps that now drones can safely lift most high-end production cameras with ease. Which for you, means more breath-taking shots and majestic panoramic sweeping views. By using drones your audience/ target customers will be treated to some spectacular-looking footage.

2. Stay in Budget

Drone hire won't break the production budget! Using drones is much more cost-effective than hiring a helicopter for a shoot. Not only is it much cheaper but you can also fly a drone all day with fewer restrictions. With a helicopter, there will be a limited window to get your ideal shot but with a drone, it is all much simpler. If you have a good drone operator they will be able to switch batteries in and out easily, ensuring that your drone stays in the air and you get the most out of your investment.

3. Greater Mobility!

Hands-down, drones are more mobile than helicopters and mounted cameras. Over cliff-tops, houses, through arches, over water, and down where the action is happening: drones are highly versatile equipment. The only limit is the skill of the drone and camera operator you employ. You can take awesome moving shots without having to lay down tracks to achieve outstanding footage.  The possible perspectives are limited only by your imagination (and the skills of your drone crew).

Image by LA Media ‘Drone Filming on Orkney ’ for Why Use Drones Blog

Image by LA Media  ‘Gaining a New Perspective, Drone Filming on Orkney ’

4. Did we mention they are versatile?

Not only can they swoop and soar more ably than most birds do, but you also have the freedom to change which camera and what lens you are using with ease. With a mounted camera – such as the ones used in helicopter flight - you need a special mounting for each one. The time to land the helicopter and make the changes is considerable when compared to changing the equipment on the drone.

5. Keep up with the kids...

Don't get left behind! Drones are high-tech and innovative in terms of media production. Drones are no longer the exclusive toys of big-budget movie directors like Lucas and Speilberg. Getting high-quality drone footage is now obtainable for most productions. A good drone operating company will be able to help you pick which drone and camera are best to meet your needs. So to keep your footage looking fresh and cutting edge you need to embrace this new shift towards using drone footage.


Hopefully, we have now answered the question of 'why use drones,' basically they an awesome new tool that people are rapidly embracing. So unless you want to get left in the dust you may want to consider adding a drone to your next shoot!

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