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Drone Team

LA Media’s Drone Team

  • CAA qualified

  • BBC approved supplier

  • Public Liability

  • Fully insured

  • Licensed to fly up to 20kg

  • 4 years flying for commercials, films, music promos and broadcast TV.
  • Clients include BBC, Netflix, Volvo, O2, Chanel, Renault, ITV, Ch4, Haig Club, Omega and General Electric amongst many others.
  • Heavy lift UAV camera formats flown include: RED, Arri Alexa Mini, Blackmagic Cinema, GH4 and Canon 5D mounted with a wide array of anamorphic, cinematic lenses and follow focus.
  • Inspire rigs available to shoot up to 4k RAW.
  • Supported by a dedicated, creative production team with over 25 years experience working in all areas of production.

In Detail

LA Media’s drone team comes with a production background that spans 25 years. Our flight director, Justin Adams heads up the team. His BBC background as a senior producer and director across a vast array of network programming provides an excellent grounding in every type of production situation.

Over the past 4 years the team has racked up hundreds of flying hours and have been involved in every type of production including feature films, commercials, music promos and broadcast TV. Our production credits include Chanel, Haig Club, Volvo, Renault, Ford, General Electric, O2 and Omega to name but a few and we’ve worked with big industry names in terms of directors, DOPs and producers.

When we’re not out flying for clients the team are out training to ensure our flying skills are always improving. We have a talented pool of DOPs who work and train with us to ensure whatever the creative demands of the job we can deliver.

It’s this type of attention to detail along with our production experience that’s built our reputation and forged strong relationships with creatives and production companies working at the highest level.

From initial client contact we have a very hands on approach to planning and pre-production. We believe that preparation is fundamental to a successful shoot day and often mount test shoots for more technical types of shots to ensure that any problem solving is done before the shoot day.

We’ve flown in some extremely challenging weather conditions for very exacting clients, with subjects as random as sheep and as fast moving as a Ford Mustang. Whatever the remit, driven by our passion and creative skills, we deliver the exceptional.

Like all things digital, the drone industry is evolving at quantum speed and it’s key that we keep up with it. With that in mind and with technology ever evolving LA Media has forged a strong network of expertise and partnerships that extend across the drone industry. Our interests extend to drone racing, FPV and developing drone technologies. This fascination with all things drone helps us to innovate and push the creative boundaries when we’re out filming with clients. Our partnerships within the drone community mean that we can build custom rigs that can do just about anything! It’s this dedication that keeps us at the forefront of drone filming.

We look forward to flying with you!

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