BBC 2 The Great Guide: Our North Sea Coast

Recently we were very pleased to be asked by BBC 2 to capture drone footage of Scotland’s stunning North Sea Coast for the fifth episode of their fascinating new series, The Great Guide. With Neil Oliver and Tessa Dunlop presenting the show takes the viewer on an exclusive guided tour of the North Sea Coast, which spans from the Forth in Scotland to the Humber in England.

Show highlights include the military shipbuilding project at Rosyth, the unique bird colony at Inchmickery, and the historic Holy Island of Lindisfarne. The two presenters provide unique insight and stories about each of the locations. If you do watch it, you’ll no doubt pick up one or two juicy historical goodies.

Drones Photography North Sea Coast Eyemouth Filmed for BBC 2

Image by LA Media 


Using our Inspire drone, mounted with a DJI X5R camera, we filmed various locations and were very lucky to enjoy truly beautiful Scottish weather, a rare thing indeed. We did lots of long-distance drone flying to get these shots.

Anyone who knows drones will know that flying a drone at a long distance is one of the hardest ways to fly a drone. It requires a skilled pilot with good battery judgement and nerves of steel, which we are lucky to have in John! If you want to see some of Scotland’s most epic landscapes, then definitely go watch the show on iPlayer while it is available. If you have a keen eye you will be able to spot lots of our lovely aerial footage.

Drones Photography North Sea Coast Forth Road Bridges Filmed for BBC 2

Image by LA Media 

Our fully licensed, two-man drone team, successfully and safely were able to capture footage of the Forth Road Bridges, the Eyemouth Rocks, one of the new Aircraft carriers under construction at the docks in Rosyth, and the bird colony of Inchmickery. There were a few tricky drone shots that we were able to execute but overall it was a great drone flying experience. We certainly learned a few new things, especially about flying drones near top-secret military ships! Luckily, neither Justin nor John ended up in the brig har har har…

Drones Photography North Sea Coast Eyemouth 2 Filmed for BBC 2

Image by LA Media 


Project: The Great Coast Guide, Episode 5, Our North Sea Coast

Client: BBC 2


This was a unique and amazing project to be a part of and we are really proud of the footage we shot. If you enjoyed this blog don’t forget to follow us on: TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for your daily dose of media & drone chat!

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