LA Media Attends Film Edinburgh’s Party

Film Edinburgh Party

The LA Media team had a great time attending Film Edinburgh’s Production Guide Summer party! Film Edinburgh, part of Marking Edinburgh, is the film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian, and the Scottish Borders.

With their crack team of knowledgeable creatives, they offer free advice to productions on the locations, crew, and facilities that are available in the area.

Who is Film Edinburgh?

For any production coming to Edinburgh, Film Edinburgh is an important first point of call.

Film Edinburgh helps with liaising with the City of Edinburgh Council, East Lothian Council, Scottish Borders Council, and Police Scotland (Edinburgh and Lothian & Borders divisions).

They’ve got the contacts you will need if your shoot requires parking, road closures, police personnel, street furniture removal, etc.

Film Edinburgh Event Party

Image by LA Media ‘Rosie Ellison of Film Edinburgh, Who Organised This Fun Event.’


With the commencement of the Edinburgh Film Festival, the announcement of the new Scottish Film Studio, and all the recent attention Scotland has received from big feature productions such as T2 and the Avengers this party came just at the right moment!

The Party Banter!

The LA Media team got to meet lots of Edinburgh’s talented creatives, such as makeup artists, publicists, prop-makers, fellow drone cinematographers, and producers.

Film Edinburgh Party at Hemma

Image by LA Media ‘ From Right to Left: Rosie Ellison, Louise Adams & Fiona Gavin.’


The highlight of the night for the LA Media crew was meeting the publicist for Netflix’s recent release Okja, directed by Bong Joon-ho and co-written by Bong and Jon Ronson.

Image by LA Media ‘Enjoying drinks on the terrace level.’


We’d been discussing the movie only that day in the office so we were pleasantly surprised to then meet someone directly involved! No spoilers but this film will hit you right in the feels and is well worth watching.


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