Filming Scotland: Aerial Cinematography

Filming Scotland man with drone

Over the past fifteen plus years, LA Media has been lucky enough to have had the privilege of filming Scotland and its most beautiful and iconic locations. From Unesco World Heritage Sites to hidden coves on the Isle of Skye, we’ve been pretty much been everywhere thanks to our busy production work schedule. Often we feel like the joy of ‘filming Scotland’ is a well-kept secret. Even agencies in London don’t realise the filming potential they have sitting on their doorstep!

LA Media was one of the first production companies in Edinburgh to embrace the potential of drones and aerial filming for production. We were early adopters of this technology, so we’ve got a pretty extensive showreel of aerial footage of Scotland. With this series, Scotland in Motion, we’d like to share some of our best experiences of drone filming experiences.

Scotland in Motion – Our Ode to Drone Joy

Scotland in Motion is LA Media’s own personal ode to joy, which celebrates Scotland’s epic landscapes and locations. It’s a series of short clips that highlight some of Scotland’s most iconic locations. Below we’d like to share with you our first five instalments of filming Scotland! All footage, post-production and original music were created in house by the LA Media team.

St Andrews Rippling Waves

In this video, LA Media sent its drone soaring over the rippling waves of St Andrew’s historic coastline. In this video, you’ll see Scotland’s glorious sunshine gleaming like gold on the sea-green waves of the North sea.

Dunnottar Castle

Enjoy some dramatic drone footage LA Media filmed of Scotland’s Dunnottar Castle. Located on the edge of the North Sea, the ruins of this historic and once impregnable Scottish cliff-top fortress are uplifting and provide food for the imagination. We’ve paired the footage with some appropriately dramatic music!

The Highlands

In this video, you’ll soar over the rugged mountains of the Highlands. The lush verdant colours of Scotland’s landscape and clear skies make this one of our favourite locations. It’s hard to feel anything but wowed when you watch this.

Duns Castle & Glen Etive

We hope you enjoy our drone footage of the hauntingly beautiful Glen Etive, which you’ll recognise from movies such as Skyfall and Braveheart. Then join us in the Scottish Borders to admire the stunning Duns Castle, which is steeped in over 300 years of Scottish history.

Crawick Multiverse

Have you seen the Crawick Multiverse? It’s a stunning globally-renowned landscape in Dumfries and Galloway. Come fly over this inspiring landmark with the LA Media drone team.

Filming Scotland

Scotland is arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth to film. With its natural beauty, unspoilt rugged landscapes, its abundance of historic castles and stunning cities Scotland is just a fantastic place to film. Due to its unbeatable locations, Scotland has provided the setting for a number of high profile films over the last few years including Fast and Furious, Cloud Atlas and The Dark Knight Rises. 

It is no wonder that in recent years there has been an upsurge in the number of productions opting to come to Scotland to film and taking advantage of our jaw-dropping locations. Scotland’s film industry has evolved dramatically over the last decade and now boasts a cinematic repertoire that attracts some of the biggest names in the business including productions featuring Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson and Daniel Craig.


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