Celebrating #LoveTheatreDay at King’s Theatre Edinburgh

In celebration of #LoveTheatreDay 2017, we wanted to share the love with you with these snaps taken behind the scenes at King’s Theatre Edinburgh, one of Scotland’s most historic and important theatres.

#LoveTheatreDay is a social media phenomenon that celebrates theatre around the world online. The goal is to inspire people to find out more about their local theatre, maybe to consider a career in the arts, and to help build a lifelong habit of attending it.

LA Media was asked to create a promotional video to help promote the restoration. Now 110 years old, the theatre is in dire need of major redevelopment to bring it up to twenty-first-century standards and to meet the needs of modern audiences.

We will share more of this fascinating project with you when it has been released to the general public. For now, though here are a few sneaky behind-the-scenes pictures.


The Ceiling Mural

King's Theatre Edinburgh roof mural

Playwright and artist John Byrne created the stunning mural on the ceiling of Edinburgh’s King’s Theatre. The mural plays on the duality of light and shade and the progression of the day following night. The mural has theatrical motifs and references, including the lines from Jaques’ monologue in As You Like it.


The Auditorium


Although the trust plans to modernise and preserve the building for generations to come they will be keeping the charm and heritage of the Edwardian auditorium.


The Fly Loft

King's Theatre Edinburgh fly loft

Welcome to the flies, this is the area above the stage where the theatrical rigging system is kept. This allows a stage crew to (fly) hoist curtains, lights, scenery, stage effects, and sometimes people (think Peter Pan) out the way quickly and quietly. If you suffer vertigo better give this part of the theatre a miss!

King's Theatre Edinburgh fly loft rigging


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