LA Media Reacts To Paddington Bear M&S Christmas Advert

Guess if you are reading this, then you, like us, are wondering did that burglar just swear at Paddington Bear in the new M&S Christmas Ad? “Paddington and the Christmas Visitor” advert has just been released and is gaining lots of attention but possibly for the wrong reason! Using #LoveTheBear across all their social media platforms this is one of M&S’s most digital campaigns to date.

Created by Grey London Agency


Paddington Bear controversy?

M&S are known for their beautifully crafted Christmas ads and they haven’t disappointed this year. Created by Grey London, the advert features Ben Whishaw as the voice of Paddington and also sees a cameo appearance by veteran newsreader Angela Rippon. However, what is meant to be a sweet advert with a well-beloved childhood bear has set Twitter ablaze with controversy.

The advert starts with Paddington Bear in bed dreaming about marmalade when he is woken up by a clumsy burglar who Paddington mistakes for Father Christmas. Paddington then helps ‘Santa’ deliver his presents and by the end, the burglar is reformed in heart and soul. He then bends down and hugs the little bear, but this is when the Twitter storm exploded. One half of Twitter says that the burglar says “oh thank you little bear” while the other half is convinced that he said “F*** you little bear”.

The Twitter banter is hilarious to watch but to be honest this advert has divided the office. More than half are convinced it was the rude version but the others aren’t so sure. The LA Media office hasn’t been this divided since the black and gold dress. Either way, it’s an editor’s nightmare! No doubt this will result in lots of social traffic heading M&S’s way and lots of long views. All of which are great for the social media marketing report! But will M&S be known as the brand that told Paddington Bear F*** you?

Paddington Bear Twitter Storm Comments

Screen Captured From the LA Media Twitter 


Aside from the controversy…the advert is beautifully crafted and we don’t think it was too early at all. It is never too early for the Christmas cheer to arrive. In all likelihood, there is no way that burglars swore at poor Paddington Bear. Adverts have to meet certain requirements before they can be cleared for transmission and we’ve no doubt that somebody somewhere would have picked this up before allowing it to transmit.


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