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BounceIt | Social Media Promo

About the Project

This animation was produced to advertise the launch of the BounceIt app across social media platforms.

L.A. Media’s Creative Producer, Jude Lightbody wrote the script and produced the creative treatment and then engaged Interference Pattern to make the animation.

The bouncing character ‘Pogo’ was a perfect subject to animate – even as a still image Pogo had a personality and energy.  Animating this character and unleashing it in the world of BounceIt was the basis of the creative treatment for the animation – we took the existing 2d brand elements and brought them to life in a 3d environment.

Jude then worked on composing an original music track with composer Mike Jameson to produce a piece of music that would both compliment the brand and tone of voice and underpin the action within the animation.

Creative:  L.A. Media
Producer and Director:  Jude Lightbody
Animation:  Interference Pattern
Original Music:  Mike Jameson

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