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Cairn Energy Corporate

About the Project

The client on this job came to us with a whole load of material which had been shot all over the world – fabulous stuff and really fascinating.  Our job was to archive this extensive library of shots and cherry pick the real stoaters to make a short film which could be used online or as a back drop at conferences and events.

It can be a tricky job pulling together material acquired over a long period of time, covering such a diverse range of detail into a cohesive piece.  In order to do deliver an effective film we came up with a treatment integrating 3d map animations to convey the scale of the companys’ operations as well as an animating text technique to tell the story within that.  A big part of Cairn’s ethos is “Discovering Hidden Value” – the animating text graphic wipe technique allows us to use text statements to tell the story and at the same time reveal the layer hidden underneath.

We also devised a tasty editing technique to deliver interesting round-ups of each section as well as maintaining a good energy throughout.

The music for this film was produced and composed in-house too – we really wanted a sound that would compliment the images so we hunted out some unusual instruments to give the track a world music vibe.

Good stuff and great fun to work on.

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