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Drone Reel | Winter 2016

About the Project

We’ve put together a drone reel featuring some of our latest work. The drone shots here come from commercials, TV, drama and online campaigns.

These shots demonstrate not only our pilot’s excellent drone skills but also showcases the incredible backdrops that  Scotland provides – it really is drone filming heaven out there.

Most of the shots here were captured using our heavy lift Vulcan Raven rigged with an Arri Alexa Mini and a variety of cinematic lenses.  But there’s also a good proportion of material captured on the DJI Inspire, which produces amazing 4k RAW footage with a super high bitrate, which compares favourably with large format cameras such as the Arri Mini or RED.

Please talk to us about your filming requirements and we can best advise which drone platform would suit your production the best.

Check out some of the best behaved sheep in both the O2 and  the Kayak adverts.  Sheep, as it turns out, are very happy to oblige on set as long as they have time to munch grass and lie down every now and then.  That’s when they don’t budge.  And the crew just have to wait patiently.  Good for the sheep!!!

Some of the scenic highlights here include Skye, Glencoe and the truly stunning East Lothian coast.

As the seasons change the scenery takes on a different look and feel.  We’ve filmed at all times of the year – winter offers particularly beautiful light which compensates for the shorter filming windows.  Sometimes we have to be patient and wait for that window of opportunity to fly – the Scottish weather can provide it’s own challenges but it’s always worth it.  The trick is to be ready to go as soon as the weather allows!

If you’re interested in any of the locations that feature talk to our friends at LS Productions – they are the location masters and have all the hidden, secret gems up their sleeves!!!

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