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Gandalf Event Film

About the Project

This is a series of shots from a project we filmed which featured ‘Gandalf’ delivering a message at an event.  We’ve kept his message secret as it was only meant for a select few Hobbits’ ears, but you can see the result of our prep in sourcing the elements we needed to pull this off.

Who knew it was so difficult to find a long grey wig for TV, let alone a long grey beard and matching moustache.  Our make up person, Michelle did an amazing job researching and tracking down all the facial hair and wigs.  Her attention to detail was incredible and the result on camera was uncanny!

L.A. Media sourced the costume, and Angela, wardrobe dresser on the day, got the many layers assembled brilliantly.

Finally, the location had to have the right magical atmosphere and feel like ‘The Shire’.  We found a great location with some fabulousl gnarly old trees that provided lots of options to film the shots of Gandalf around.

Our Gandalf’s identity will remain a mystery – after all a wizard should never reveal himself!  But we can tell you this, his performance was right on the nail and delivered beautifully.

Lots of thorough prep achieved a truly authentic result and an amazing performance – you know you’ve nailed it when kids and passers by start shouting “Oh look it’s Gandalf….Hi Gandalf…”…!!!

Director:  Jude Lightbody

DOP:  Andy Murray

Make Up and Wigs:  Michelle Coletta

Wardrobe:  Angela Moffat

Runner/Smoke Gun Op:  Andrew Glen

Editor:  Mike Jameson

Audio design, edit and all post production were done in-house at L.A. Media.

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