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Jupiter Artland

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Jupiter Artland is a contemporary sculpture park – you should definitely go, but you’ll have to wait until it re-opens next year!

So in the meantime here’s a sneaky peak at this hidden gem. The park features specially commissioned work from artists including Anthony Gormley, Cornelia Parker, Anish Kapoor and Charles Jenks. Other highlights include the delicious scones in the cafe, petting the miniature donkeys and marvelling at the immaculately manicured grass on the Jenks.

We filmed this at the fabulous opening event (oh my do they know how to throw a party!) and then spent a second shoot day on a gorgeous summer day filming Peter Liversidge’s ‘Proposal No. 47 A Winter Shadow’ which had just bloomed! Sunburn all round after an afternoon way up high in a cherry picker! But definitely one of our favourite filming days of 2010!

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