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Machines with Vision Promo

About the Project

There’s some amazing tech companies around these days and Machines With Vision is definitely one of them.  This vehicle positioning system analyses the road surface as the vehicle passes over it and provides precise dynamic positioning for self-driving vehicles.

In order to visualise this in action we used various car mounts including our OSMO (a hand held stabilised camera system) to capture various road surfaces which we then used as a the basis to composite graphic information on to – including a stylised representation of the laser that scans the road surface as the vehicle travels across it.

Creative: L.A. Media

Director:  Jude Lightbody

Cameras:  Simon Vickery

Editor:  Mike Jameson

Original Music:  Mike Jameson

Motion Graphics:  Interference Pattern

Audio, edit and post production were done in-house at L.A. Media.

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