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Royal Caribbean Event Film

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Recently, Frontpage PR engaged us to create a kickass video for their client Royal Caribbean. The video brief asked us to film an exhilarating opener that included ziplines, formula one racing cars, snowboard stunts. The theme for this production was Royal Caribbean’s Stig’s thrilling journey to reach the Travel Ceremony Event. This production took us to Knockhill, Snowfactor and Foxlake Adventures. It was a fast-paced and exciting shoot involving drones. We had a great time making this video despite the typically dour Scottish weather that poured down on us! Thanks storm Gertrude for making a cameo in the video. But the weather didn’t stop us and we love a challenge. Big thanks to the wonderful people at Frontpage, Royal Caribbean, Knockill, Snowfactor, Foxlake Adventures and the brave stunt men! Since then we’ve had awesome video feedback from the clients and we thought we’d share this footage with you! We hope you like it.

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