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Samuel Nicholson | Thaw

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Music Promo

Artist:  Samuel Nicholson
Track:  Thaw

Shot on a beach in East Lothian one sunless summer day, the heavy, thundery weather perfectly compliments the mood and lyrics of Samuel Nicholson’s song.  It’s all about the the complicated nature of love….we’ve all been there!

The creative treatment for this promo was designed to work on 2 levels.  Firstly, to introduce Samuel as a singer/songwriter.  It’s his track, and features on his first ever album, so we very much wanted to give him a platform on which to introduce himself.

Secondly, the promo had to set the scene for the song and reflect the lyrics and the atmosphere of the music.  It’s intense and heartfelt.  It’s about being out there exposed and vulnerable.  The landscape is wide open and intense.  Samuel is part of this – he too is an exposed element in the landscape.

All shot in one day on a Sony FS7 and a GH4 mounted on our stabilised gimbal system (gStabiH14).


Creative Agency:               LA Media
Producer and Director:   Jude Lightbody
DOP:                                   Andrew Begg
gStabiH14 Op:                  John Banks
Editor:                                Mike Jameson
Camera formats:              Sony FS7 and GH4 4K
Post production:              In-house at LA Media
Edit:                                    Adobe Premier
Colour Grade:                   DaVinci Resolve

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