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Drone Filming

Drone Filming Throughout Scotland

As an alternative to helicopters and other traditional methods for perfecting aerial shots, aerial drone filming offers a low-cost and extremely flexible approach to obtaining stunning 4K footage. At LA Media, we are experienced flyers with over 4 years’ experience flying for commercials, films, music promos and broadcast TV. We have piloted for some of the biggest names around across various industries, including the BBC, Volvo, O2, Chanel, Renault and Channel 4.

We are specialists in what we do, and this is proven by our credentials:

  • CAA qualified

  • BBC approved supplier

  • Public liability

  • Fully-insured

  • Licensed to fly up to 20kg

Drone Filming Camera Format

We fully understand that not every project is the same, and that is why our drones use a wide variety of heavy life camera formats to capture each specific scene perfectly.

  • RED
  • Arri Alexa Mini
  • Blackmagic Cinema
  • GH4
  • Canon 5D

Although it is not just the camera formats that are important to perfecting that shot. We mount a wide array of anamorphic, cinematic lenses and follow focus to add that extra spark. Inspire rigs are at our disposal, allowing us to shoot up to 4K RAW footage. Whether its landscape views or construction projects you are looking for, we can capture spectacular shots for you.


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