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Time-Lapse Cinematography

Time-Lapse Video and Films Throughout Scotland

Our time-lapse video services

  • We shoot high res or RAW images on DSLR to ensure all material acquired from time lapse video can be used across marketing platforms

  • With remote monitoring, once installed LA Media can monitor and control from our edit suite

  • Great for long term building and infrastructure projects

  • We can provide monthly time lapse films for clients on infrastructure developments updates

  • Manned time lapse options with camera operator on site

  • Currently have 3 long term time-lapse projects running in Durham, Aberdeen and West Lothian

  • Clients include BBC, Robert McAlpine, Cisco and EICC

In Detail: Time Lapse Video

We specialise in the installation of long term time-lapse projects which is particularly relevant for building projects which happen over a long period of time.

LA Media consult with the client over the installation process and best methodology and position for capturing the building work. We then liaise with the relevant site personnel over the installation. We have huge experience of working on site and safe working practice in these environments.

Our long term time-lapse projects can be rigged to allow LA Media to monitor the camera remotely from our edit suite. We are able to change the camera settings and check that it’s running and even re-start it after a power loss all from the comfort of our base in Edinburgh.



The camera data is then collected every 3 months, (or as often as the client requires), brought back to our edit suite and assembled into a time lapse film. Clients like the ability to use these films as updates for stakeholders as well as using them across PR and marketing platforms.

If more detail is required or there’s a particularly interesting one off event happening LA Media can also mount manned time lapse cameras where an operator will come out on site with a camera and set of prime lenses to pick up detailed sequences of activity. This can enhance the single shot time lapse films with additional material.

We shoot time lapse on DSLR cameras which produce high res still images; again these can be used across marketing platforms (both print publication and digital).

Currently we have 3 long term time lapse projects being monitored in our edit suite in Edinburgh. One is based in Durham and the others out in West Lothian and Aberdeen – so geographical location is no barrier.

Our time lapse work has been commissioned not only across numerous building and development sites but also for broadcast TV, music promos, corporate films and online content.  We’ve filmed everything from a sand sculptor at work to large scale events being rigged to infrastructure and macro lens close up detail.

If you have a time lapse video project that you’d like to discuss, whatever the scale or duration of shooting, please get in touch.

Time lapse filming in Edinburgh

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