When You Need A Film, We'll make it with you

Almost anyone can shoot a time-lapse - but if you're looking for one that people will watch again and again, then you need to talk to LA Media.

We bring our specialised technical knowledge and a unique creative perspective to your project to make sure you get a time-lapse video that will stand out and do the job you need.

There are many ways in which an imaginative and well executed time-lapse can make a real difference to your business. As a 'sales tool' it can help your sales team with their messaging; it 'informs people' in minutes about what has in reality taken months or years to happen; it creates a 'historic record' for use in your future business and it provides your marketing team with 'high quality materials' they can use across all social media platforms and other forms of publishing.

If you’re still thinking about time-lapse and wondering 'Why LA Media?' then simply call or send an email and we will give you lots more reasons why you should consider us 'your best time-lapse option'.
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