Highland Spring - Double The Drones

LA Media was commissioned by Neil Walker (Creative Producer) for the Whitespace Agency to help deliver this television commercial for Highland Spring. It's called 'The Chase' and was Directed by James Brown and Produced by Ellen De Faux both part of team from London based HunkyDory Films.

This was an exciting and extremely challenging project for the LA Media drone teams as the director James Brown needed LA Media to have two drones in the air at the same time; fly shots for the green screen FX  where a man is seen jumping onto a moving steam train; fly through the boiling hot steam of The Jacobite engine as it crossed the 21 arch Glenfinnan Viaduct (as in Harry Potter); follow a stuntman as he ran through a bog towards the steam train and a lot more.

While the shots themselves were demanding the 'actual timing of events' was also critical. The drone teams mostly got one attempt at the shots they had to deliver as a retake involved the steam train slowly reversing back along the track and far enough away to be out of site or it had to travel onwards because of scheduling.

The drones actually spent a good deal of time in the air just waiting for things to happen and the resulting drain on batter power meant that recharging and recycling on site became critical.

Everything went really well for the drone teams even when they had to perform hand catching of drones over compromised landing areas.

Clients were Happy, Agency was Happy, Production were Happy and LA Media were delighted just to have been part of this exciting project.

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