McEwan Fraser TV Commercial

McEwan Fraser TV Commercial - LA Media were asked by McEwan Fraser legal to come up with a new of way of saying 'When It's Time To them' as part of a new promotional campaign they had launched.

Director, Justin Adams (LA Media) conceived the idea of a girl sitting and reading quietly when a distracting Bee decides to land on her nose. The girl has no choice, she 'has to move' to get away from the Bee.

The girl in the film is Lori Stott, the daughter of Edinburgh Panto Celebrity and BBC Radio presenter Grant Stott. This may have been Lori's first time on film but it certainly has not been her last. She has gone on to have a successful acting career starring in The Demon Headmaster as Angelica Maron and in Event Horizon as Chloe & Chloebis.

Whoever said 'never work with children' couldn't have been more wrong when it came to working with Lorri.

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