Ochil Foods Get Mussel Bound

Ochil Foods are a distributor of artisan produce made in Scotland and they asked LA Media to make 18 films for them as part of a campaign to enhance their global reach. This is just one example of what we made.

The films were to reflect the naturalness of the produce that Ochil Foods distributes and to inform potential buyers about the great skill, care and craft that went into the making of it.

The films were shot using as much natural light as possible and the people featured were not put under any pressure to perform.

Audio was recorded separately  and  under very conversational conditions to ensure contributors sounded natural and relaxed when they spoke. The pictures were then all recorded while they went about what was their normal, everyday activities and as such they all look happy and unstressed.

This relaxed approach from the LA Media production team is reflected in the final films and adds to the message that Ochil Foods wanted to share.

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