West Coast of Scotland: Lochgilphead, Tighnabruaich & Colintraive

Sunrise on the West Coast of Scotland

Recently, LA Media was filming on the West Coast of Scotland for a drone production that hasn’t broadcast yet (so we shan’t be naming names). Production life can be exhausting but also awesome. While working we get to see some of the most beautiful locations in Scotland. Often, the crew is up and ready to go at the crack of dawn, which means we regularly get to enjoy a quick breakfast on the go while admiring an epic Scottish sunrise. 

Members of the LA Media crew had the wherewithal, before the morning’s first coffee, to take some beautiful scenic shots of the landscape that surrounded us.

In this short blog we would like to share some here are a few pictures taken while traveling between filming locations and crew digs. Locations featured include Lochgilphead Tighnabruaich and Colintraive. All taken on an iPhone 6 Plus. 

Traveling to the West coast of Scotland

West Coast of Scotland

Image By LA Media ‘ Commuters on the Ferry at Tighnabruaich Millhouse’ 


You’d think that a ferry this small wouldn’t be that busy, but you’d be wrong. This ferry is regularly packed for the morning and evening commute from the mainland. These bikers were on their way home.

West Coast of Scotland

Image By LA Media ‘Spotted some chaps out enjoying an afternoon of sailing at Colintraive’ 

Lochgilphead Ferry on the West Coast of Scotland

Image By LA Media ‘The Cal Mac Chain Link Ferry at Colintraive’


Did you know that this is one of the shortest ferry crossings in Scotland? It is a distance of just 410m. That’s enough time for a coffee on the go!

Sunrise at Lochgilphead on the West Coast of ScotlandImage By LA Media ‘Sunrise at Lochgilphead’ 


We were up well before dawn and were ready to set off for the next drone filming location. While loading the van we couldn’t believe how amazing this sunrise was and just had to get a picture of it.

This must be the very definition of the #skyporn. It looks more like an oil painting than a picture snapped on an iPhone.

West Coast of Scotland at Sunrise

Image By LA Media ‘Morning has broken!’ 


Did you know that scenes from the Bond movie ‘From Russia with Love’ was filmed in Lochgilphead? A weird factoid we discovered during our visit. It only has a population of around 2,300 people but is the administrative centre of Argyll and Bute. Lochgilphead has the best range of facilities in the region, which makes it an ideal base to explore Kintyre and boasts fishing, walking, and other outdoor pursuits in abundance.


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