July 10, 2017

Golfing Drama Tommy's Honour Released at Cinemas

Tommy's Honour is out now in the UK cinemas and LA Media was extremely proud to produce some outstanding drone footage for this BAFTA award-winning film. We are thrilled that our drone footage is being shown on the big screens across the UK.

We knew when we participated in the project that director Jason Connery was creating something special that showcases Scotland's rich golf heritage.

Watch the trailer below and see if you can spot the drone shots!

Drone Footage by LA Media 'Tommy's Honour Trailer' 

For those not in the know, Tommy’s Honour is a historical Scottish drama that depicts the tumultuous lives, relationships and careers of the Scottish golfing champions Old Tom Morris and his son Young Tom Morris, portrayed by Peter Mullan and Jack Lowden respectively.

Not only is it a compelling tale of a complicated father and son but you will be treated to stunning views all around Scotland.

The whole LA Media team were lucky enough to attend the Scottish premiere of Tommy's Honour and believe us the drone footage belongs up on the big screen.

LA Media Team Attending Tommy's Honour Scottish Premiere

Image by LA Media ' Attending the Scottish Premiere of Tommy's Honour' 


The drones really captured the majesty and beauty of the Scottish scenery. Our drone shots were chosen for the opening and closing scenes, which of course made us feel rather special (blush!).

Previously, we took you behind the scenes on this shoot and shared with you what it was like to work with director Jason Connery. Connery is the son of legendary Scottish Actor Sean Connery.

If you're a golf fan or just love a good Scottish drama we would recommend highly that you go see it for yourself in the cinema.


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