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Justin Adams established LA Media in 2001 after a successful career with the BBC. He has been the managing director and principal creative of LA Media since then. Justin is a firm believer that a company can only be as good as the people it works with and therefore he only works with the best people. Justin also understands that for a company to succeed it needs to practise a philosophy of reinvention, adaptation and evolution in order to meet the ever changing needs of new clients.
Mike Jameson combines his extensive technical knowledge with his distinctive musical skills to create and deliver quality music compositions and brilliant project editing. Mike has greatly promoted the success and value of all LA Media productions through his many years of experience in skilfully delivering bespoke music for animations, commercials and business videos.
Louise Adams is a qualified MBA and a successful practising lawyer. She is a vital and essential communicator at LA Media where she works seamlessly with clients to ensure that their projects go smoothly, stay on target and on budget. She provides all of our clients with the assurance of 24/7 support and an immediate point of personal contact.
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