Highland Spring Online Content ‘Kids on Hydration’

Highland Spring’s online content has been going through a phase of redesign and growth. Recently, the well-known bottled water brand, in partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association refreshed their packaging, which went live in April of 2017.

LA Media was thrilled to be asked back to film Highland Springs’ latest online content. This content was to consist of a series of short videos, which would support their new theme and message of Brave by Nature.

After Highland Springs’ highly successful and adrenalin-packed ‘ The Chase‘ video, for which LA Media provided the drone footage, they decided to follow it up with a series of web videos to be shared on their website and social media platforms.

The films were to be quite different from the James Bond-esque video that saw a man leaping off a cliff onto a moving train! These online videos were intended as light entertainment, featuring kids of varying ages answering questions about ‘water’ and what bravery means to them. No CGI, no stuntmen, and certainly no train jumping.

Working on ‘Kids on Hydration’ online content

Highland Spring Online Content Screen Grab

Screen-Grab from Highland Springs’ Online Content 

The title of the project was ‘Kids on Hydration’ and was created by Edinburgh digital agency Whitespace. Whoever said “never work with kids” has obviously never met the fabulous children we worked with on this project.

The kids from The Drama Mill and Skool Is Out were amazing and their answers to the questions were so varied – factual, hilarious, surreal, honest, and random.  It was great to hear their opinions on what it means to be brave amongst other things.Highland Spring Online Content Screen Grab

Screen-Grab from Highland Springs’ Online Content 

Initially, we were invited to do 3 films but ended up doing 12 – we had filmed so much fantastic content it would have been a crime for it to end up on the cutting room floor.

Highland Spring Online Content Screen Grab

An Example of the questions put to the kids

LA Media is very experienced at working with young talent and creating the right atmosphere for the filming to work. We wanted it to be as fun as possible and give the kids the space to voice their opinions.

The main goal of the films was to capture the variety of the children’s responses in a snappy, entertaining and lighthearted way and we think we definitely captured this vibe. See our video below and see what we mean!

The final product is now live on Highland Spring’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It has received an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers and we are extremely proud to have been part of this project.


Client: Highland Spring

Agency: Whitespace

Production: LA Media

Director: Jude Lightbody

DOP: Andrew Murray

Sound: Robert McDougall

Original Music: LA Media

Talent: The Drama Mill & Skool is Out

We hope you enjoyed this and maybe got a little inspired!

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