The One Show - Edinburgh Zoo

This time-lapse was commissioned by the 'The One Show' for a network transmission on BBC 1 as part of their programme.

They wanted the time-lapse to capture a team of sand sculptors as they created a temporary monument to mark and celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Edinburgh Zoo.

It was to take 8 days to deliver the sculpture and LA Media was to record the process in full. Then LA Media had to  transform the 8 days into a smaller time-line that was more suitable for the broadcast time the event had been allocated within the show.

Project Director Justin Adams (LA Media) visited the sculpture from beginning to end and used a manned time-lapse unit to capture the images required. He used lots of different frame rates, lenses and positions to create this highly viewable and engaging film.

The Music was specially composed and performed by Project Editor Mike Jameson (LA Media) who created a music track that supports and reflects the activity and energy of what the sand sculptors were doing as they worked.

The weather was sunny most of the time and only delayed the work being done for an occasional few hours.

It was truly a remarkable thing to watch the sculpture and its component parts being carved out of the sand as the team of sculptors progressed until the final result of their talents was revealed in all its glory.

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