Berwickshire Tourism Campaign

This is a selection of shots taken from a Berwickshire Tourism Campaign that LA Media helped to deliver. We were  commissioned by the Eyemouth Chamber of Trade and what you see here is only a brief sample of the work that LA Media produced for them.

Our production support for the Berwickshire Tourism Campaign involved multiple days of drone filming, a travelling film unit that visited points of interest, covered sporting activities, historic landmarks and museums that can be found along that incredible coastline. We got involved in underwater filming with divers, locals surfing on beaches, restaurants, festivals, coastal walking and cycling paths, nature reserves, ports, towns and harbours.

It was a real pleasure to work with all the people we met during the Berwickshire Tourism Campaign and a joy to discover the beauty and interest of this area for ourselves.

Justin C Adams (LA Media) was the Project Director for this Berwickshire Tourism Campaign and Mike Jameson (LA Media) was the Project Editor.  Mike delivered multiple films for the campaign and composed and delivered bespoke music tracks for all of them.

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