EICC Total and Unconditional

The EICC commissioned LA Media to create a 'time-lapse record' of a brand new building which was going to be constructed alongside and connected to their original building in the city centre of Edinburgh. They wanted this for historic record but also for marketing and public relations purposes. At first this appeared to be straight forward, but when we understood that the project would take over two years to complete; it would involve recording the building of seven floors of office space above ground  and a unique and massive conferencing arena below ground; things began to take on a much more challenging perspective.

There were many others who were also deeply invested in this new construction and they had to be considered and consulted at all times and definitely before any filming could ever take place. Builders, property agents, council officials, marketing agencies, public relations departments, health and safety officials and a lot more, all had to be smoothly navigated for over two years in order to deliver a final product for the original client, the EICC.

Project Director Justin Adams (LA Media) and Project Editor Mike Jameson (LA Media) took the required health and safety induction courses and wore compliant PPE at all times when on site. To catch an overview of the project the team started by installing a fixed time-lapse unit. This was monitored remotely 24/7 and only received a visit from the team when it needed maintenance or the massive amount of pictures it had acquired were to be collected or when it had to be moved to get a different perspective on the work being done. Justin also visited the site regularly with a manned time-lapse unit in order to record more creative shots and to capture much closer and more detailed shots of the work going on.

It was a great experience and helped LA Media really fine tune their time-lapse operation. In the end everybody was happy with the result and LA Media have gone on to do the same work for other great companies.

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