Locogen Wind Turbine - Progress Update

This Locogen Wind Turbine – Progress Update was commissioned as part of a marketing effort to promote this project and inform locals and others invested in its construction as to what stage things are at now and how things are progressing. What you see in the film is the result of 4 months of construction work but it is still a project that’s needs to be completed.


Located in a remote and inaccessible field outside Falkirk in Scotland, one of the challenges the contractors were faced with was building an infrastructure road, about 1 mile in length, along which absolutely everything that is required to build the turbine could travel. If the road failed then the work was brought to a halt. The good news is that the construction team have done a great job and have managed to keep things moving regardless of size.


The challenge for the time-lapse team was that, owing to the remote nature of the site, there was no UPS (uninterrupted power supply) available to operate a fixed time-lapse installation. Their resolution was to make regular visits to the site and to operate as a manned unit. The results of that decision speak for themselves. Its also the first time they decided to incorporate video with the time-lapse footage and both we and the client think it works well.


The film was put together by Mike Jameson (Editor, LA Media) who also composed and performed the impressive music track.


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