Portobello, Scotland | The Robot Maker

Portobello Scotland the Robot Maker' was one in a series of short films called 'On The Street'. It was made by LA Media for their Youtube channel to highlight the extraordinary but less obvious people who present their arts and talents for public consumption 'On The Streets'.

Street performance, as a brand, immediately conjures up images of professional well­ rehearsed and organised street entertainers. However there is another side to street culture and 'On The Street' explored the bizarre, the eccentric and the unusual.

This one features an anonymous robot maker who has been making hundreds of small, well-crafted wooden robots and then leaving them in public places such as parks, benches and streets to be found by passing members of the public. Around each robots neck, the artists has carefully placed individual name tags, a personality description of the robot and a movie quote to be deciphered by the finder. Those robots that have been found bring great joy and surprise to their finders and some have even become treasured companions.

The series was produced by the talented Rose Dodgson and the beautiful music was composed by Mike Jameson ( Editor at LA Media)

While the robot maker managed to remain anonymous, 'On The Street' was a really fun project to make and it was amazing to discover what ordinary people get up to in their spare time.

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