SKY TV - About Change

SKY TV a video about change. LA Media were asked to make a film that would demonstrate to staffers at SKY TV  that while change and new challenges in the work place can be difficult, they can also be fun.

Those who have to deal with change being thrust upon them can often find it intimidating, fearful and a lonely place to be. SKY wanted to reinforce that they would not let that happen to their staff. Sky wanted them to know they will always get support and opportunity to ask questions and express fears and that with support they can embrace change.

Director Justin Adams (LA Media) pitched the idea of a 'metaphor film' that would visualise something challenging  being fun 'Why not film some staff at SKY trying to ride a bicycle around a velodrome track for the first time.

A challenging and intimidating proposal for most people. Sky loved the idea and so organised the team of staffers that took part in the filming.

Riding the bikes around the velodrome provided some really exciting shot for LA Media and the staff taking part all responded to the challenge in a positive way as their had been cycling tutors and experts on hand to deal with any fearful issues issues that arose.

At the end of the session everyone who took part had a lot of laughs about the whole experience and had managed to get a bicycle around the velodrome. More importantly the key message of the day had been understood.

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