Time-Lapse - 1 Man 1 Camera 1 Day

LA Media were asked to time-lapse the construction of a display installation that was being built in the EICC, Edinburgh and the final video was to be used to promote the display to other potential customers. Directed and shot by Justin Adams (LA Media) it is a very good example of what be achieved with a manned time-lapse unit. Being able to move the time-lapse camera around the construction space as things changed, being able to be more creative with different perspectives, change camera angles, alter frame rates, shutter speeds and vary lens choices all makes for a more dynamic and therefore more engaging video in the end.

The resulting product is quite different to what a fixed installation time-lapse can produce and it is often more powerful when it comes to viewer engagement. Once we added the specially composed music from Mike Jameson (Editor LA Media) we knew we had a very happy client.

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